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What will you learn with us?

The training we offer can help you become a successful Forex trader. If you have already reached a certain level of success with Forex trading – We can help you to refine your skill and become even better at it.  Our strategies will help you to make a regular profit.

We have divided our training videos into 5 different categories to make it easy and simple for our students. Our training focusses only on what you need to know to be a profitable trader. In the first 4 categories we focus on our strategy and the 5th category will consist of extra training videos on various different subjects. We believe that the more knowledge you gain, the better you become.

We also have allot of extra training videos on our telegram group which will help you to effectively use our Trading Program.


Training videos include



In this set of training videos we teach you what forex trading is about. We will also help you to set up your Trading View platform and how to sign up with a broker.



In this set of training videos we equip you on how to use all the necessary tools available to you so that you can become a successful trader. This will help you

to implement the simple strategy we use to execute successful trades. Some very important subjects like Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Trading

psychology and much more will be discussed.



In this set of training videos we will show you on our trading platform how we execute trades when price forms different patterns. Our main focus is on

Price action, top down analysis etc.



In this set of training videos we show you how to put all that we have taught you in the previous videos together. We will also be showing you how to

Trade from multiple charts and deciding which currency pairs to trade with.



This section of training videos will include many extras on different subjects over and above all that you have already been trained on and it will

constantly be updated with new videos. Knowledge is power!

All Video Training Material

Telegram Support Group

Live Online Training Classes

Personal Trading Set-Ups

Lifetime Membership – R1 800.00 Once Off  (Aprox. $120.00)

Membership includes the following:

1. Access to all training videos from Pre-beginner to Advanced

The training videos contain the very basics of trading right up to the more advanced information, all of which will guide you into becoming a successful Forex Trader. Even if you have already ventured into forex trading – this will help you to up your skill. All videos need to be studied.

2. Join our Telegram Group

In this group you will receive mentorship, guidance and support. The purpose is for you to grow as a trader, but at the same time know that you are part of a group of like-minded people. You will also have access to a number of E-Books that will help you to further improve your trading.

3. Live training classes once a week

In the live training sessions we will cover various topics and opportunity for Q & A.

4. Mt4 Trading Program

Our unique trading program for the Mt4 platform which consists of 7 indicators with built in signals of when to buy or sell

5. Special Benefits

Receive special benefits by signing up with our recommended Broker


Join us today to start your journey to financial Freedom through Forex Trading.


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